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Choose the formula that best suits your travel and that gives you a unique and memorable travel experience


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Fantasia Formula is specially designed for adventure and extreme lovers. If you are passionate about exciting experience, Fantasia will help you, your family and friends experience a trip full of thrilling activities in the picturesque nature and make you discover new landmarks of the world. See new rivers, waterfalls, experience skiing on the icebergs and safaris in nature reserves, and learn about wildlife on interesting fishing trips. Choose what suits your taste!


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Relaxation Formula is created for lovers of tranquility and peace, and for those who would like to experience the luxury one has always dreamed of and enjoy wonderfully charming beaches in a very romantic trip. You can also relax while staying in modern and elegant style hotels and eat delicious food in Michelin rated restaurants. To experience luxury and attractive views of vibrant beaches choose what suits you best from Relaxation formulas.

Young Legends

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Young Legends Formula is designed for our young travellers and their parents to make them experience a joyful atmosphere and get back to childhood memories by visiting places full of exciting adventure. Young Legends world is full of surprises, games, colours and fun. The formula for little ones aims to develop your children’s skills and increase their abilities.


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Our Cruise Formula will make you enjoy the luxury of boats and glory of the ocean waves. Discover the most amazing cities in the world, enjoy the most delicious cuisine of different countries and attend live shows at special parties. Choose your Cruise formula and embrace your days at the sea.


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Olympic Formula is designed for sports fans. Whatever your favourite sport you can choose our formula that suits your taste. Enjoy attending any sports event with your family and friends and experience remarkable atmosphere with people around you. This package allows you to watch your favourite team and world sports celebrities that you have always dreamt of meeting. This formula - one of a kind - will definitely add up to your most beautiful memories.


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Mix Formula is especially created for fans of diverse tourism, which combines relaxation, cultural information, shopping and entertainment activities, because it suits different tastes and ages. Mix Formula will make you enjoy various recreational activities such as cruises, shopping, visiting museums, historical and archaeological sites, entertaining games, beaches and many more! Choose the Mix Formula if you would like to combine different types of activities during your trip.



Designed an elegance equation for those interested in the latest fashion and attending international fashion shows and shopping from the most famous brands in fashion capitals around the world through tourism programs designed to give you an exceptional and unforgettable tourist shopping experience.

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Students will be asked to speak a lot and to get involved in a wide variety of activities. There will be many opportunities for them to practise what they have learned, while ensuring that classes are fun and there is time for sightseeing during their stay.

Visit Saudi

Visit Saudi

One of the most picturesque and mysterious countries is lifting the veil of secrecy and invites you to an unforgettable journey.

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