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Olympic Formula is designed for sports fans. Whatever your favourite sport you can choose our formula that suits your taste. Enjoy attending any sports event with your family and friends and experience remarkable atmosphere with people around you. This package allows you to watch your favourite team and world sports celebrities that you have always dreamt of meeting. This formula - one of a kind - will definitely add up to your most beautiful memories.

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Barcelona club was founded by a group of players of four different nationalities and the club has become a symbol of Catalan culture and the club holds a slogan (more than just a club) and the club's fans are considered one of the most important pillars of its success and therefore Barcelona is among the richest clubs in the world and symbolizes the club's slogan for Catalan culture.

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Real Madrid

Real club founder is Juan Padros and is one of the founders of the club in an official capacity, and Real Madrid is very popular in the world. The golden crown and the colors in the gold in the emblem symbolize the property as a description of the club's name (Royal Club of Madrid).

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Manchester United

The club was founded by a group of railway workers in Manchester and the club was formerly Newton Heath and is one of the oldest and most distinguished clubs in the world and one of the most successful English and international teams throughout history. Manchester United is one of the most famous clubs in the world where it has more than 660 million fans.

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Liverpool Club was founded by English businessman John Holding. The team is known for its red colors, so it dubbed the "Reds".

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Al-Ittihad Club was founded by a group of sons of the city of Jeddah is the first Saudi sports club. It is one of the most famous Saudi clubs. In (1947) Saudi sport witnessed a qualitative shift. When Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal, the Minister of Interior, paid great attention to sport and found in the Union a good nucleus for a bright sporting future.

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Juventus club was founded by students from the Maceio de Azelio school in Turin and Juventus was one of the most important travel stations for world stars, as many names that played an important role in the history of football flocked. The club is known as the old lady

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Al Hilal Club

Al Hilal Club was founded by Abdul Rahman bin Saeed and was formerly called the Olympic Club. Al-Hilal is considered the first team in Saudi Arabia with the number of local and Asian tournaments in various names.

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AC Milan

AC Milan club was founded by the English Herbert Kelbin and the team is famous in Italy for the title of Rossoneri and was the first name of the Milan club for cricket and football and in the year 1905 the name was changed and the focus was on football.

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Paris Saint-Germain

The beginning of the establishment of the club was a desire to fill the gap of the lack of a high-level team representing the French capital, so the Paris Club team and the Saint-Germain Stadium club were merged.

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Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich was founded by 11 footballers led by Franz Eun. Bayern has the largest fan base in Germany and the club's logo contains the official colors of the province of Bavaria.

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