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The elegance equation is designed for those interested in the latest fashion, world-class fashion shows and designer shopping in fashion capitals around the world with tourist programs designed to give you an unforgettable, tourist-shopping experience

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Pizza, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Pasta, Pinko, Roseto, Valentino, Espresso, Prada, Lasagna, Fettuccini, Versace, Tramisu, all that and more, you can find in a unique shopping and tasting trip One of its kind in the second largest Italian city.

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New York:

A different tourist experience in the city that all shopping lovers must-visit, with its high towers and busy streets offering the finest shopping centers filled with different products from discount shops to world-famous brands

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A city that comes to mind as you think of a city that combines luxury shopping with happiness, it is a large brand resort with world-famous malls and beach bazaars where you can watch the beautiful sunset.

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Eat what you want and dress up, enjoy the beautiful shopping experience with the most famous brands, taste delicious food, and face the world's most important sights, the Eiffel Tower in the fashion capital.

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Famous for its most prestigious stores, famous designers run to show their clothes in the best unique brand boutiques you cannot find anywhere else in the world except in that city which you can stroll through its red-bus and in the middle of its thick fog.

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